What role does KBO play in power outlets?
Pubdate: 2022-04-14 15:06:37
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Power socket KB is "control and protection work switch for electrical appliances" take "control protection" two is the abbreviation of Chinese characters learning pinyin, O is to fill GUO BAI di generation, KBO series of cultural products are circuit breakers, contactors, thermal relays, fuses and other low-voltage electronic appliances the best alternative enterprise products. Socket A plug for one or more circuit connections, through which various connections can be inserted for easy connection with other circuits. Power socket has one or more circuit wiring can be inserted into the seat, through it can be inserted into a variety of wiring, easy to connect with other circuits. CEE connectors CEE standard industrial plug receptors. they are explosion-proof receptors. the temperature is limited to 32 degrees.

The KBO in the power socket is mainly composed of the main circuit contactor, intelligent controller, electromagnetic mechanism, operating mechanism and auxiliary contact. The main circuit contact group consists of bridge type, double electric contact, door arc extinguishing chamber, current limiting fast action mechanism and so on. For each group of poles, when the load end is short-circuited, the main contact is separated by quick action, and the operating mechanism is driven to cut off the coil ring, so that each phase is in the disconnected state.

The power socket adopts modular single product structure, integrated with the traditional circuit breaker (fuse), contactor, overload (or over current, off phase) protection relay, starter, isolator and other main functions, with remote automatic control and local direct manual control function. It has panel indication and electromechanical signal alarm function, over-voltage and under-voltage protection function, disconnection and disconnection protection function, and time-current coordination protection characteristics (inverse time limit, fixed time limit and instantaneous three-level protection characteristics). The control and protection of various motor loads and distribution loads can be achieved by selecting functional modules or accessories as required.

Functions and uses of KBO in power socket:

High efficiency and energy saving, low temperature rise

Two. Reliable performance, long life

Industrial facilities

Power distribution and motor protection and control management system in metallurgy, coal mine, iron and steel, petrochemical, port, ship, railway and other fields;