How does safe sanitation season choose high grade socket
Pubdate: 2022-04-14 15:08:14
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Nowadays, with the continuous upgrading of household appliances and consumer digital products, related accessories are replaced more frequently, and residents are easy to use inferior accessories, causing safety problems and health risks. Socket A plug for one or more circuit connections, through which various connections can be inserted for easy connection with other circuits. The embedded socket is embedded in the integrated communication cabinet and provides dc basic electric power to the communication and data equipment in the same cabinet. It also has certain universality. NEMA wiring device to achieve frequent reversing but also to achieve braking and acceleration after reversing motion must be as small as possible, which requires rapid reversing device and braking device.

But in today's homes, the power connections to air conditioners, heaters, bath bulges and other appliances, without any flame retardant or inexpensive socket products, are very dangerous! So how do you choose a safe and healthy outlet? Kunimi Safe and Healthy Season teaches you how to identify truly safe export products.

Many Chinese consumers are unable to fully realize the importance of different materials in power sockets. Now we some of the quality of life management is not qualified socket, because the use of material can not reach the heat and flame retardant index of a national law, socket and power cord will gradually melt and cause fire. Many socket manufacturers to reduce the cost of enterprises, the use of secondary recycling plastic as raw materials. These materials have low flame retardant ability and are easy to soften and deform during long-term development and use, resulting in scald and electrical fire safety accidents. There are some major brightly colored socket products on the market that may be affected by the use of recycled plastic.

In addition, many consumers when choosing socket, notice the socket jack reed, metal metal reed play an important role in the socket itself, such as poor reeds inside the product materials, conductive performance will affect the product, easy to cause the outlet temperature standard, power surge can cause aging, open circuit, electrical fires, contact deformation and virtual phenomenon. In addition, the use of high conductivity copper, good wear resistance, good conductivity, when the full load power supply for 1 hour, the internal temperature rise of the product does not exceed 20℃.