Sockets are not enough to use the super complete list of home power sockets
Pubdate: 2022-04-22 15:22:44
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Can't you see your phone charging away from the couch? Microwave, oven and kettle share one power source, plug pulled repeatedly? These are very common in life, because the design of hydropower caused by poor consideration. Socket A plug for one or more circuit connections, through which various connections can be inserted for easy connection with other circuits. NEMA wiring device to achieve frequent reversing but also to achieve braking and acceleration after reversing motion must be as small as possible, which requires rapid reversing device and braking device. CEE connectors CEE standard industrial plug receptors. they are explosion-proof receptors. the temperature is limited to 32 degrees. Accordingly, in decorate design stage, owner and stylist are in the home of all lamps and lanterns, electric appliance and small home appliance use demand and socket position, avoid use electricity inconvenience in the future.


1. The bedside lamp and chandelier in the bedroom had better have a double control switch to solve the problem of turning off the light before sleeping;

2 TV wall electricity demand is large, but do not need to set up all sockets, can also consider the use of plug and play in the power range;

3. Air conditioning system and other fixed information sockets that do not often pull out plugs can choose sockets with switches;

4. Air conditioning socket should be close to air conditioning, in order to avoid excessive leakage of wires outside, air conditioning socket is not on the bed;

5. The walls of the bedroom and the bathroom can be set with the body feeling of night light, so there is no need to grope for the switch when you get up at night;

6. If the toilet is to use intelligent toilet, water and electricity decoration should also reserve sockets;

7. Exhaust fan switch should be installed near the toilet, not inserted into the wall of the toilet door;

8. The kitchen socket can avoid the enterprise being located above the hearth to prevent excessive heat;

9. If the kitchen is the treasure of hot water, the sink has 4000W power socket, 2000W will lead to high temperature water and low water temperature;

10. When the illumination of the cabinet operating table is not good, the lamp bar can be installed separately.

11. Consider placing the bathtub stand near the shower or tub, not in the center of the toilet;

12. Each room should have at least one spare jack that can't be blocked by anything;

Socket switch design or enterprises should use behavior habits according to the actual needs of students and their families, in addition, should also fully develop combined with the size of Chinese furniture science and technology design socket position, such as sofa behind the socket should be higher than the height of the sofa, or in the side of the sofa, etc..