250a socket installation requirements
Pubdate: 2022-04-20 15:19:27
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Now 250A socket can be used as China's industrial socket application research is a very wide range of products, in fact, in the installation and use of time is the need for students to pay attention to the analysis of matters, I will put some of the basic provisions and requirements of the enterprise with you to do a detailed explanation. IP54 is dustproof level 5: can not completely prevent dust invasion, but the amount of dust invasion will not affect the normal operation of the product; Waterproof grade is 4: prevent splashing water intrusion prevent splashing water intrusion in all directions. Socket A plug for one or more circuit connections, through which various connections can be inserted for easy connection with other circuits. Power socket has one or more circuit wiring can be inserted into the seat, through it can be inserted into a variety of wiring, easy to connect with other circuits.

When using a 250A socket for power supply, the power load is also connected to the socket. Do not directly connect the load device to the power socket with partial power leads.

Second, when using the 250A socket, the minimum cross-sectional area of the core wire should be greater than 0.2 square meters when supplying power to some household load equipment, and more strictly, if applied to some production load equipment, the minimum cross-sectional area of the core wire should be greater than 0.5 square meters. In addition, the core insulation layer of the equipment should be complete and not directly exposed, but should be wrapped with rubber and plastic sheaths. Of course, the most important thing is that when the product is connected to the terminal, the wire core inside the product must be connected correctly.

Of course, when the core wire of the whole product is used as grounding wire, there are standard requirements for the choice of color. The ground cable must be black or yellow-green. Of course, one end of the socket should be connected to a firm point, can withstand relatively large external forces, so as to ensure that the product in the process of use, will not be affected by some external forces, products and cable from the situation.

The above is the installation requirements of 250A socket provided by the organizer. If you want to know more about this product, you can log in to the website to view and query. I hope it helps.