Identify the authenticity of the power socket of the system and select cultural products of big brands
Pubdate: 2022-04-18 15:16:16
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In the market, there are many power socket brands waiting for you to choose, so how to distinguish the authenticity of the product?

First, look at the license plate

The official agent of the brand power socket can have the authorized card issued by the brand manufacturer, and the authorized card has the official seal of the manufacturer. NEMA wiring device to achieve frequent reversing but also to achieve braking and acceleration after reversing motion must be as small as possible, which requires rapid reversing device and braking device. Power socket has one or more circuit wiring can be inserted into the seat, through it can be inserted into a variety of wiring, easy to connect with other circuits. Industrial plug is suitable for industry, generally divided into 3 core, 4 core, 5 core, etc., current is generally divided into 16A, 32A, 63A, 125A, 250A, 420A, etc., protection grade can be divided into IP44, IP67 these two, for these are more conventional. In general, it is used with industrial sockets and industrial connectors. With this license, the merchant is eligible to sell the brand's products. In addition, licensed cards have an expiry date, which is renewed annually. If no authorization card exists or the authorization card has expired, you are not advised to purchase the master switch.

Two, look at the anti-counterfeiting signs

Many power outlet brands have special security signs, and some even have codes for each switch. As long as you go to the official website or the official phone code, you can find out whether it is true or not. It is important to note that the security mark is like a switch security means, security code and query the normal switch is not real, because some switch factory agent's hand is no security label, security label is in the agent should be added, so around the security label may be different, agents have a lot of security labels. Dealers can buy goods according to their relationship to get these anti-counterfeit labels affixed at the same time. Normal brand switch is generally double security, production of internal security has been played, can not be forged.

Third, the official website query

The big brands of switches have their own security systems and ways to tell the real thing from the fake. You can check out the details on its website.

There are many power socket brands, we should first pay attention to product quality when choosing, and then buy according to the analysis of the actual needs of the enterprise itself.