Install a switch and socket for safety
Pubdate: 2022-04-16 15:12:59
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When decorating, plug outlets and switches should be installed, but these parts should be how high off the ground, how to install safely, but not everyone knows. IP54 is dustproof level 5: can not completely prevent dust invasion, but the amount of dust invasion will not affect the normal operation of the product; Waterproof grade is 4: prevent splashing water intrusion prevent splashing water intrusion in all directions. CEE connectors CEE standard industrial plug receptors. they are explosion-proof receptors. the temperature is limited to 32 degrees. Socket A plug for one or more circuit connections, through which various connections can be inserted for easy connection with other circuits. Experts point out: installation switch and socket, the main need to pay attention to the following three points:

Install switch and socket at three points to ensure safety

First, the height of the host. When installing sockets, open sockets shall not be within 1.8 meters from the ground; Dark type socket distance from the ground must not be within 0.3 meters, to prevent children from contacting electricity, with finger or metal plug touch poke power supply hole, must choose the safety socket that contains insurance block.

Second, clean up the fire line. The construction wiring requirements of single-phase socket are as follows: when the hole is horizontally arranged, zero on the left and zero on the right; when the hole is vertically arranged, it is below zero; When installing a single-phase socket, the ground hole on the upper end must be firmly and correctly connected to the ground cable. The other two holes must be connected according to the rule of connecting zero on the left and fire on the right. The neutral cable and the protection ground cable must be connected correctly or as one.

Third, high power electrical appliances with cultural independent line. Refrigerators should use a separate three-eye socket with environmental grounding. It is strictly prohibited to connect the grounding wire to the gas pipeline, so as to avoid serious fire risk accidents. The socket design of the range hood machine should also be adopted through the use of three-eye socket, the protection of the earthing hole can never be taken lightly. The toilet is easy to wet, it is not suitable to install ordinary socket, should choose waterproof switch, to ensure the safety of students' personal property.